What we do

We at ARCHLITE provide the ultimate in architectural effect lighting.

The directors of ARCHLITE have outside of 10 years in design, programming and operating top-class effect lighting shows; this experience has now been transferred to the architectural world to enhance and combine architectural and show lighting to create the ultimate architectural lighting display.

Our Aim
To provide unparalleled forward-thinking lighting design.

What We Provide
We provide a complete visual package that uses the highest technology to create an unbelievable look into the future of possibilities. Using the highest technology, with the best staff and most exacting contacts and suppliers, we can provide a complete service from concept to opening-day. We have production management and subcontractors who are top of the league and we can make the process seamless and stress free.

Our Passion
We at ARCHLITE  live, sleep and dream perfect lighting/laser and A/V design.