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New website

please go to www.archlite.design for our new website

@archlitedesign and @teatumjones finishes another season


Teatum Jones @ Fashion week


Fashion Week

Teatum Jones host another brilliant season at fashion week.

Men’s Fashion Week

Another busy season with men’s fashion week. Great to see old friends once again.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and wish everyone a fantastic 2014. We look forward to seeing everyone in the coming year.

Trent @archlitedesign is in Australia

After a great leg of the tour in South America, Mexico and the United States we are now in Australia.

trent @archlitedesign in NYC

After now finishing South America, Mexico and have 2 shows left in the U S of A, home is only less than a week away. But only for 6 days before the Australian leg.

@archlitedesign , the last one!

Trent @archlitedesign would like to thank Agora for a brilliant lighting team and the truck drivers for putting up with his brilliant spot calling in Italian. Ciao tutti,